The Winners are up!

we web

MIT 6.148 is a web programming class and competition that takes place over IAP every January. Beginners and experts alike are encouraged to sign up, learn, and compete for $20,000+ in total prizes!


Come see the semifinalists and see who will 6.148 this Thursday, February 1st at 7:00 PM in 34-101! Vote for you favorite website here and they'll get a chance to win $500

Anyone can learn

More than 200 students take part in the class every year: ranging from computer science freshmen to architecture graduate students and MBA candidates. We welcome everyone and historically have admitted students from MIT, Harvard, Wellesley College, and the local community.

From students to students

The class is run by an MIT student organization that consists of undergraduate students putting their souls and endless hours into preparing class materials, teaching, holding office hours and making sure everything goes smoothly.

Outside Support

MIT 6.148 wouldn't be possible without the support of our corporate sponsors. For the past decade we have reached out to numerous tech companies and past alumni.

Sponsors judge the competition, give lectures on latest tech and best practices, and provide our students an insight into the industry. Finally, thanks to sponsors we can feed the hundreds of students in the class.

Our sponsors