Casual Division

The purpose of the casual division is to allow new web programmers a chance to compete in a less intense environment. This is not to say that students new to web programming are encouraged to be in the casual division. The casual division exists specifically for students who are new to web programming AND do not wish to commit their entire IAP on 6.148. Students with no web programming experience certainly have a realistic chance of doing well in the main division given that they invest enough time in it (if you're a newbie, it's usually a lot though). Only teams with little to no web programming experience are allowed to join the casual division. We reserve the right to move teams from the casual division to the main competition or even disqualify teams from 6.148 altogether if we believe they intentionally attempted to violate the spirit of the casual division.

Teams comprised of more than one Course 6 juniors, seniors, and grad students are prohibited from the casual division unless you receive permission from the 6.148 staff. We believe that most of these students have sufficient general programming experience that they should not be considered beginner in a programming competition. Please e-mail us at before Milestone 0 if your team would like permission.

Teams will specify whether they'd like to participate in the casual division in Milestone 0. Teams will be allowed to switch from the casual division to the main competition until Milestone 1. Teams cannot switch from the main competition into the casual division after Milestone 1.