Judging Criteria

To be considered for judging, your team and the site you produce must abide by the competition rules.

When judging contest submissions, we will focus on four main areas:

More details about each category are below.


Functionality concerns the ability of user to visit your site and perform the actions that are advertised.


Usability concerns the ease-of-use and learnability of the site. At a high level, is it obvious to the user what can be done, and does your system behave as expected?


Aesthetics concerns the overall look-and-feel of the site and the impression it makes on the user.

Concept Execution

Concept execution concerns whether you have identified a real, existing problem and presented a compelling solution.

Judging Process

The final submission will be a form, to be posted to the Milestones page at a later date. This form will close at exactly 11:59 AM (that's noon!) on Tuesday 1/30/18.

After the submission form closes, the staff will identify semifinalists. We expect to have around 12-18 semifinalists (for the Main Division) depending on the quality of the submissions. Results will be announced by 8:00 PM of the same day.

Semifinalists will have a 15 minute time slot on Wednesday 1/31/18 from approximately 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM to give a 5-minute presentation to the judges and answer questions about their site. We recommend that your presentation explain:

  1. What problem does your site aim to solve?
  2. How does your site fit the theme?
  3. Why is there a need for this problem to be solved?
  4. Why does your site solve this problem well?

Semifinalists will also give a short presentation at the Award Ceremony and must attend a mandatory Winner's Luncheon from 12 PM - 2 PM on Friday 2/2/2018.

From the pool of semifinalists, the sponsor judges will determine the top teams. The results will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: Your team is allowed to make changes to your site after the final submission deadline. However, if you site is broken when we look at it, you will not have a second chance, so make updates at your own risk.