2018 Prizes and Amounts

Main Division Prize Amounts

Casual Division Prize Amounts

Special Prizes

Special prizes will be given at the discretion of the staff. They may be awarded to one or more teams, or to no team if the staff feels that no team is deserving of the prize. We may also add more prizes to this list!

You can indicate whether you would like to be considered for any of these special prizes during the final submission.

Most Valuable for MIT

Prize: $750

This year, we are excited to announce that MIT's Office of Digital Learning (ODL) will be awarding a special prize! To qualify for the Most Valuable for MIT award, the team will need to build a project that is targeted toward only MIT students or faculty. A project that can be used by anyone including MIT students, but that is not targeted toward MIT students, will not be eligible for this award. The judges will determine the winner of this award based on both the idea and the finished product.

Most Unique Concept

Prize: $750

Awarded to the team that, as determined by the staff, created a site with the most unique, interesting, and compelling concept. This site would solve an interesting problem that doesn’t have an established solution or address one of the competition themes in a creative way.

Most Responsive UI Design

Prize: $750

Awarded to the team that created a site with the best responsive design across screen and device sizes.

Note: To win this prize, you may NOT do any sort of device or user-agent detection and send different stylesheets in the response or redirect to a “mobile version” of the site. The staff may test your site on all reasonable resolutions, resize the browser window, and view your site on any common smartphone or tablet.

Most Innovative UI Feature

Prize: $750

Awarded to the team that, as determined by the staff, implemented the most innovative, well-designed, and interesting UI feature. Think about the UI lecture - how will you surprise users (in a good way) and use your UI feature to draw users to your site? Take risks and be bold!

Most Innovative Backend Feature

Prize: $750

Awarded to the team that, as determined by the staff, implemented the most impressive feature or algorithm on the backend. This can be a cool use of various technologies, design or implementation of a nontrivial algorithm, or something else on the backend. Surprise us!

Webby Award

Prize: $500

Awarded to the team (among all submissions) that receives the most Facebook likes. Votes will open when semifinalists are announced and will close during the awards ceremony.

Good luck!